How to use local events, holidays, celebration and awareness days to increase social media engagement

Local events, holidays and awareness days provide a great opportunity to plan ahead, fill your content calendar and give to great causes. You can also increase engagement and reach new audiences by using trending hashtags for the days you choose. Check out Days of the Year and Wikipedia for lists of awareness days, then add the ones that are relevant to your content calendar.

You can also use my free Trello social media calendar template to plan out your content. The template already has key holidays and awareness days plugged in so you just need to copy the board and add your own content.

Here’s an example of how a florist could create a weeks worth of content around Valentine’s Day.

  • Blog article on history of Valentine’s Day
  • Blog article on gift ideas - including flowers of course! 
  • Poll - what are your favourite flowers for Valentine’s Day
  • Special promotion - 50% of red roses on Valentine’s Day
  • Facebook live - showcase the bouquets available for Valentine’s Day
  • Feedback quote - share a customer testimonial from previous Valentine’s Day
  • Hashtag competition - share a photo of your Valentine’s Day flowers
  • Have a look at the Instagram examples below of how a florist and Red Seal have created content around Valentine's and Pink Ribbon days.


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